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Altitude Trampoline Park - Grapevine

Fun in the Cone Zone!

February 17, 2016
There are a whole lot of orange cones out there, marking the construction on Grapevine Mills Parkway on the way to Altitude Trampoline Park. But don’t let those cones get in the way of your fun! 

Come jump on our performance trampolines, play dodgeball or trampoline football, climb the rock wall, compete on our battlebeam or throw the birthday party your kids will never forget. And as you weave your way through that sea of orange take a minute to take a picture of a cone.

Pick a cone, any cone! Then show us your cone photo when you check in and we’ll give you a one-hour single jumper pass for FREE to use with your next visit!  This offer is good only through March 15th, so don’t wait. Take on the orange cones and come on down to Altitude Trampoline Park for a great day of pure Quick read more or view full article fun!
Now, sing along with Altitude (to the tune of “Danger Zone”): 
Out on Grapevine Mills
It’s where I wanna be
Jumpin’ with my friends
On a performance trampoline
Highway to the orange cone zone
Ride into the orange cone zone
Headin’ into Grapevine
You’ll spread your wings today
Jumpin’ on that trampoline
It’s the only way to play
Highway to the orange cone zone
We’ll take you
Ridin’ into the orange cone zone
You’ll never have fun like this
But you gotta get past those cones
Altitude’s the place
To jump as high as you can go
Highway to the orange cone zone
Gonna take you
Right into the orange cone zone
Highway to the orange cone zone Read Less