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Why Altitude Trampoline Park is the best place to have a kids birthday party.

You might be wondering where to have your child's birthday party, and we're here to tell you that Altitude Trampoline Park is the best place to book! We have so much to offer your child and the guests. They will have a great time, and there is no cleanup for mom and dad! Here are some reasons why Altitude Trampoline Park is the best place to have a kid’s party!

Lots of activities

We have trampolines, dodgeball, rock walls, a foam pit, battle beams, and even trampoline basketball! Kids love all of the activities and the excitement. They love jumping around and running around our venue with their friends.

We can accommodate any size party starting at 10 kids. We do not charge the parents of the birthday child to jump! We also don't mind if family members and friends stay and watch the kids.

Our party package is two hours overall. It includes jump time, a private dodgeball game, and pizza or Chick-fil-A and your cake. Don't worry, everyone has access to our entire facility for those two hours! It's just enough time for everyone to enjoy the party, and still be able to sit down and sing happy birthday. Presents can be opened at the end of the party as well!

We have personal party hosts

A personal party host will be assigned to your party, and will make sure everything is running smoothly and on time. He or she will even set up your party table, serve food, and clean everything up after you're done. Special character (princess/super hero) offered, contact the park to find out which character to choose for your party. They will also set up the dodgeball game!!!!

Your party host or hostess will set up the dodgeball game for your party as well.  Safety is our top priority so our court monitors will keep an eye on the kids while they are jumping.  

We provide the food

It is your choice for your party, no food, Pizza or Chick-fil-A.  You can work with our staff to determine how many pizzas you will need for the party.  Keep in mind Chick-fil-A is always a good alternative to pizza. Just bring the cake and we will serve it for you.

No cleanup

The best part of the party, for you, is that there is no cleanup! Your child and all of his or her friends can play for a few hours, eat some pizza and cake, and the cleanup is on us! All you have to do is show up to the party and have a great time.

Why we're the best:

  • Great activities

  • We provide the food

  • We clean-up for you

  • You get a personal party host

  • Your safety is our top priority at all times

DON’T MISS OUT on the FUN, at Altitude Trampoline Park in Grapevine! Family and friends will experience high-energy equipment, such as trampolines, a foam pit, battle beam, extreme dodgeball, tumble tracks and an AMAZING “NEW” LIGHTING SYSTEM that will have you coming back for more.


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Altitude Trampoline Park - Grapevine

Every Age Group can Enjoy Indoor Trampoline Park

July 3, 2019
You might think that a trampoline park is just for kids. But that belief will cause you to miss out on some wonderful fun and benefits. Read on to find out how teens and adults can enjoy the park as much as kids.

Fountain of Youth

As ten-year-old Johnathan B. said, “Adults should jump on trampolines because when you bounce and get air, it’s like you’re a kid again.” There is just something about jumping and flying through the air that brings back the child in all of us. 

Exercise that is Fun

Jumping on trampolines is great exercise. If you keep it up for more than a few minutes, you will get a good cardio workout. The trampoline absorbs the shock of jumping, so it’s easy on the joints. Don’t stop with bouncing. Try some of the other fun things the park has to offer. An intense Quick read more or view full article game of dodgeball is a great way to burn calories, and you will enjoy it so much you will forget you are getting a workout. If you want a more organized exercise program, check out the Gravity Aerobics classes at Altitude-Grapevine. Trampolining has many health benefits. Some of those benefits can be:
  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels

  • Promote the health of your heart

  • Improve your circulation

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Help you lose weight (burn up to 1000 calories/hr)

  • Strengthen and tone your muscles

  • Help you relax and sleep well

Create Connection and Memories

Your children will love going to the trampoline park, but if you join in the fun you will create lasting memories. Bonding happens when you do a fun, challenging or difficult activity together. Trampolines give you a fun way to try some challenging new things. When you choose to jump alongside your child, you are showing them that they are important and that exercise is also important. Have a contest to see who can do the highest, silliest or fastest jump into the foam pit. Challenge your son or daughter to a face-off on the BattleBeam! Make sure you get some pictures and videos of your family fun. Don’t be afraid to look silly. Silliness creates bonds. No kids yet? Enjoy a one-of-a-kind date with your partner at the trampoline park. 

Do it for Yourself

No one said you have to bring a kid along to jump. When you’ve had a hard day at work, stop by the park and jump your stress away. If you are tired of the gym or jogging down the same sidewalks, come to the trampoline park for a different kind of exercise. Burn some serious calories and gain a great adrenaline rush when you climb our rock wall. Try your hand at dunking a basketball with a little extra lift. Come alone to the park when you want an intense time of fun and fitness.   Next time you are looking for something fun to do, come down to Altitude Trampoline Park in Grapevine, Texas. You will be so glad you did.
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5 Tips for Your End of the Season Party

July 3, 2019
As your sports season comes to a close, you are probably looking for the perfect activity to celebrate and build team connection. Look no further than Altitude Trampoline Park in Grapevine, Texas. When you bring your team to Altitude, you will create lasting memories of fun and team play. Follow these 5 tips for the best End of the Season Party!

Book a Package

Take the pressure off of planning and organizing the event. Just call the trampoline park and let them take care of the rest. Altitude is able to accommodate a group of up to 650 people, so there is no worry that your group will be too big or too small. When you book a package, a personal party host will take care of setting up, serving the food and cleaning up for you. Choose between no food, pizza or Chick-Fil-A. You will be free Quick read more or view full article to enjoy the park with your team. You won’t need to worry about their safety either. The well-trained and qualified Court Monitors will take care of everyone's safety. Think of them as the lifeguards of the trampolines.

Sign Ahead

Go straight to the fun when you have the waivers signed before you arrive. Tell parents to sign the online waiver ahead of the party. Once everyone has signed, simply tell your players to check-in at the front desk when they arrive. Each player will be directed to your party area. Parents have the option of joining the fun or having some time off since the Court Monitors will be taking care of safety.

T-Shirt Signatures

Create a great keepsake for your players. Bring a T-Shirt for each team member printed with your team name and the year. With a pile of fabric markers, you have the ingredients for the perfect keepsake. Have your players sign everyone’s shirt at the beginning of your party, then wear the shirts for jumping fun and photos.

Bring Your Cameras

Have all the adults bring their cameras or phones. The more pictures you take of your group, the more great shots you will get. Action shots can be tricky, so go the extra mile by looking up “How to take action shots with my [phone name].” Have a Superhero flying pose contest into the foam pit for a fun photo op. Make sure you take several group shots and don’t forget about the silly poses. 

Order a Cake

It doesn’t need to be someone’s birthday to have a cake. Order ahead from a bakery to include your team name and sports decorations on the cake. Everyone will appreciate the extra touch, and the sugar will give your players more energy to jump for the whole party. Don’t forget to get pictures of the cake as well.   When you book your End of the Season Party at Altitude-Grapevine, you will relieve yourself of the stress of organizing a great event. Let the Altitude team look after everything for you and simply enjoy playing with your players for one last time this year. 
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